Stephanie van der Beek

About me

My creative journey as a German contemporary artist began 20 years ago when I lived at the Côte d’Azur. Meanwhile, I have grown, developed and matured into a professional artist living in the Netherlands who paints, exhibits and sells to private individuals and companies globally. I am highly passionate about creating my own meaningful journey and making my way in the world of art, with my signature style of storytelling paintings.

Unique technique

The technique I use to create my signature style is a unique and fairly unknown one. I use different kind of materials for my paintings, but mainly “alcohol ink” which creates a very playful effect. It is several epoxy layers though which uplifts the artwork to an even higher level. The combination of the ink and epoxy creates an extraordinary effect with unknown depth, lustrous elegance and timeless glamour. My work is very recognizable through the play of soft flowing shapes, bright colors and the use of gold or bronze.

Storytelling Art

As an artist and independent woman, I am driven by the desire to create beautiful but also meaningful art. I have learned via various ways that our mind is much stronger than we think and that in some of us there is an unstoppable “power and energy”. I am deeply inspired by people who find an unbeatable strength inside of them to learn from all kinds of circumstances rather than wanting to turn them around. The technique I use is the perfect medium to express my message. The ink can be soft and fragile but also it can be very intense and powerful. A beautiful metaphor for how people can be. My artwork is colorful, positive, energetic and bold – all characteristics I am so fond of. We can’t always choose what we face along our life journey, but we can choose the attitude in which we to deal with it. When I look at my art it reminds me of moments where I have been at a crossroads in life and I needed to choose my attitude to emerge with resilience. I choose “power and energy” to face what was in front of me and there are many more people who encountered these crossroads and choose to do exactly this. Their stories and their attitude is my inspiration. I hope you can relate to my message and create your own.

Check out my website StephArts.com for my art.

Kunstwerken van Stephanie van der Beek

Schilderij RE2203

afmeting: 1m diameter
Prijs: 2495 eur

Schilderij RE2105

afmeting 60 cm en 37cm
let op, alleen als tweeluik te koop zoals afgebeeld
Prijs: 1995 eur

Schilderij EG2202

afmeting: 150×110
Prijs: 4995 eur

Schilderij EG2101

afmeting: 100x70cm
Prijs: 2495 eur



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