Welcome at the online art-zone of our exhibition in: Hilton Düsseldorf
Please find here the current collection

For purchase please contact art director of Bubble Projects mister Anne de Vries and we will send you the prefered payment method

via whatsapp: 0031626246665 or via email gallerybubble@gmail.com

Do you create artworks yourself?
Contact us for an exhibition in one of the cities we display:

Paris, Zurich, Dubai, Munich, Luxemburg, Prague, Cologne, Brussel, Antwerp, Malmo, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Leiden, Mainz, Tallinn, Strasbourg, Rotterdam, Leiden

For sale and on display:


Sabke J 2350/2850

Hemmechien Knip 950 euro each

Daphne Oosterlaan 1200 euro each

Conny ‘l Abee 1950 each

Serge Gauya 2350

LBetho 1200 euro each

Prudence Au 8000 euro each

Isabelle Bossuyt 2950 euro

Beatrice Admiraal 995 euro